Care Answered is Healthcare Coordination and Patient Advocacy

Care Answered patient advocacy will get you the answers you need with your best care and safety as our only focus.
We have the experience, relationships, and expertise you need. You and your family should not do this alone.

We get healthcare DONE!

– Avoid catastrophes
– Safe and appropriate hospital discharge
– Skilled nursing discharge support

– Access best options
– Coordination for your care at home

– Stay in control
– Plan now to avoid crisis

He would not have been able to remain in his home if it hadn’t been for your expertise…

“Nicole/Care Answered got involved, and life calmed down…

“Care Answered held my hand through the entire process.”




Accompaniment to Doctor Visits and Hospital Bedside Advocacy

Periodic check-ins on care providers

Mediate patient/family healthcare discussions

Decipher and streamline medical bills

Access to additional care-giver and Patient support groups

Help you understand insurance coverage

Ensure proper transfer of Medical records

Long Term Care Insurance Benefit Advocacy

Are you unsure of the next steps to take for your care or the care of a loved one?

You will be treated like family at Care Answered. Let the experts at Care Answered coordinate your healthcare so that you and your family can enjoy peace of mind while freeing up energy to focus on healing.
Care Answered can save you time, money, stress and your health.

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My book, “From Crisis to Calm: A Patient Advocate’s Take on Healthcare Coordination for YOU, the Common Caregiver” is available now.

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