Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most common customer questions. Please contact us with any other questions.

General Questions

What is an advocate?

Some synonyms for an advocate are a proponent, supporter, defender or champion supporting a cause. This describes a healthcare advocate exactly and the cause is YOU. We are always professional and respectful but strong advocates on your behalf.

What is healthcare coordination?

We describe this as a coordination of your entire healthcare team. This includes the patient/client and all of their healthcare team (i.e doctors, specialists, family members, hospitals, pharmacists, nurses, social workers, rehabilitation specialists, etc.). This is of vital importance as inaccurate information passed to any of the healthcare team can have devastating results. Proper coordination lessens the likelihood of preventable medical errors which are currently the 3rd leading cause of death in the US.

Who needs healthcare advocacy and coordination?

We all do. The truth is that the healthcare system grows more complicated; there is less time to ask healthcare provider questions; most don’t know all the questions to ask or how to proceed with the answers. You don’t know what you don’t know! This fact in combination with illness and all the emotions involved make it important to have a healthcare advocate, a champion, with the expertise to get the information you need to make your best care choices.

About Our Services

What insurance does Care Answered take?
At this time NO insurances cover the services of Care Answered. We accept private pay only.
What does Care Answered Charge?
After the initial free consultation, you will determine if Care Answered is a good fit for your needs. Before work begins fees will be explained and the agreed upon contract will be signed and services can begin immediately.
What is the difference between Care Answered and the hospital advocate of ombudsman I heard of?
Care Answered works for YOU! Others are beholden to their employers but Care Answered is only beholden to you. This allows us to navigate the system and advocate only for the care that benefits YOUR best care.
What are some examples of typical Care Answered cases?
-A loved one is in the hospital and we feel uncertain they are receiving the care they need.

-My healthcare providers do not seem to be listening to me.

-I feel overwhelmed and confused. I want to do what’s best for my loved one but I don’t know the answers and my work and family-life are suffering.

-A loved one is in a long term care facility and when I visit or talk to them I feel that something is not quite right but no one on staff has offered sufficient information for my needs

-My doctor suggests an operation but I need more information

-A loved one’s health has deteriorated and I don’t know what is out there for them or how we can pay for it

-I just didn’t plan for any of this can you help me?

-What are these medical bills? Is this right? How do I avoid these bills?

-All situations are unique but Care Answered helps you find the best answers for your care needs.