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Upcoming Webinars

Safe Road Home:
The Transition from Hospital to Rehab Center to Home

Thursday, January 14 at 3:00 PM

A Free Webinar for Professionals and Family Caregivers.

Topics will include:

  • What to expect during in-patient rehab or long-term nursing care during the pandemic
  • How to transition safely from a rehab facility or nursing home to home
  • Covid-19 testing and vaccines
  • And more

Speakers: Nicole Christensen, BCPA, CEO, Care Answered and
David Fielding, BCPA, Engage Caring Solutions


Watch the replay of our most recent FREE webinar:

Combating Isolation: Staving off the Pandemic of Loneliness

Our panel of speakers discussed:

  • Social isolation during the holidays
  • Psychological and emotional impact of Covid-19 social distancing protocols, especially on the elderly and chronically ill
  • Facts and tips on fun, healthy ways to socially distance
  • And more!


Nicole Christensen, BCPA, CEO, Care Answered
Jen Faith Brown RDT, Drama Therapist
Adam Flattau, CSA, Senior Care Authority

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