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Black Health Matters

A Conversation about Bridging the Healthcare Gap for Black Patients

Wednesday, February 24
5:30 PM

Nicole Christensen will facilitate an interactive discussion of healthcare disparities and how to bridge the gaps in care that Black Americans often experience.




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The Safe Road Home: Navigating from Hospital to Rehab Center to Home

Covid-19 has changed everything about the inpatient experience. In this webinar, Nicole Christensen, BCPA, President of Care Answered, partners with David Fielding, BCPA, Engage Caring Solutions, to discuss the process of transitioning from an acute care hospital to a rehab center and then back home. What to bring to the hospital, how to select a rehab center, questions to ask, and how to navigate Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines were among the topics covered.

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Combating Isolation: Staving off the Pandemic of Loneliness

Our panel of speakers discussed:

  • Social isolation during the holidays
  • Psychological and emotional impact of Covid-19 social distancing protocols, especially on the elderly and chronically ill
  • Facts and tips on fun, healthy ways to socially distance
  • And more!


Nicole Christensen, BCPA, CEO, Care Answered
Jen Faith Brown RDT, Drama Therapist
Adam Flattau, CSA, Senior Care Authority

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