Care Answered accesses the best care for our clients while giving loved ones peace of mind and empowering all patients. And Yes, We get healthcare DONE.

In this day and age it feels like everyone needs an advocate just for a regular check-up! Often questions are not asked and unanswered questions, lack of follow-up and uncoordinated care can be life threatening.

We have seen it first hand and thus began the vision of Care Answered.





CEO and Founder, Nicole Christensen, is an award-winning Board-Certified Patient Advocate and bestselling author of the book, From Crisis to Calm. Nicole is a leading expert and has been featured in newspapers, radio programs, webinars and television, as well as, addressed audiences as a Keynote speaker.

Nicole founded Care Answered in 2014 and has over 25 years experience in advocacy for older adults.  Ms. Christensen began her focus on care and advocacy in her formative years. Ms. Christensen earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Baruch College and a Master of Science degree in Urban Affairs from Hunter College. Her career includes serving as Advocacy Director at Emmaus Service for the Aging in Washington DC; Advocacy Consultant for LiveOn NY;  Director of Food Access at FoodChange and Vice President of Programs and Agency Relations at Island Harvest.

In addition to her professional experience, Ms. Christensen has had the personal challenge of securing the best possible care for her own family and thus truly understands how overwhelming and daunting it can seem. Care Answered was developed as a solution; advocating for one’s best care and giving caregivers peace of mind.