Seeing loved ones over the holidays can be challenging, especially when gathering with aging relatives whom you may not have seen in some time. Consider this scenario:

The table is set, the guests have arrived, and everyone is in good spirits as you gather with family to celebrate the holidays.

You notice that mom seems to be having some trouble keeping up with the conversation, or that Uncle John is having more trouble walking than he was the last time you saw him.

But it’s the holiday, and you don’t want to make a fuss or call attention to it. So you make a mental note to follow up and file it away.

Well, don’t stop there! Remember to address your concerns with your mom or your Uncle John. Enlist other concerned family members who might be directly involved with your loved one. And consider contacting a patient advocate.


A patient advocate can help you navigate your loved one’s next steps in obtaining the care they need. Care that can:

  • Allow them to remain independently at home for as long as it safely possible to do so
  • Address all of their health issues to ensure that they are getting the most appropriate medical treatment for any illnesses or injuries
  • Create a roadmap for how their needs will be met in the future
  • Help you select the right type of provider(s) and care settings

On the other hand, for some families the holidays can present an opportunity to discuss advanced care planning. Gathering together provides everyone a chance to share their wishes and vision for their own future, including how they wish to be cared for should they lose the capacity to voice their opinions.

Care Answered™ is proud to offer Care Control Partners, a fully digital advanced care planning tool that maintains required documentation such as the Health Care Proxy, Living Will, and DNR, in one centralized online location where it can be accessed by any provider.

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