Do you want to receive less than you deserve? Perhaps have someone else make decisions about your care without any concern for you? How about that feeling of helplessness and dread – is that what you are looking for? NO! You, my friend, want to be in control of your care. You have gotten this far in life learning, but also knowing, yourself, your body and your needs better than anyone else. You are the expert on YOU. There is so little we mere humans truly have control over, but we want to hang on to those things that we can control to make ourselves and our loved ones better. Right? YES!

Care Answered has been your partner in getting the care you need since 2014. Now we are pleased to launch a new program, YOUR Care Control Partners, which adds a technological tool to our toolbox. What do we mean? For those who know me, you have likely heard me speak ad nauseum (but not enough times if you have yet to do anything about it😊) on this topic: your HEALTHCARE PROXY!

For those who have not read my book, let me tell you why this discussion is so important. The healthcare proxy allows you to designate someone to voice YOUR decisions if you are ever incapacitated and cannot speak for yourself. I have helped many clients select a healthcare proxy or agent and work through their concerns. I have worked with elder law and estate attorneys when they are creating living wills and healthcare proxy forms, as well as with their clients’ chosen healthcare proxies and Powers of Attorney to ensure that they understand the clients’ care wishes. I have also worked with doctors and clients to make sure that MOLSTs (Medically Ordered Lift Sustaining Treatment Forms) and POLSTs (Physician Ordered Life Sustaining Treatment forms) are completed and clinicians and loved ones are on the same page to make sure our clients’ wishes are followed. Here is what I have learned:

  • Not having a healthcare proxy can lead to devastating results for you and your family
  • Naming a healthcare proxy but failing to tell that person your wishes can lead to a lifetime of heartache, questioning and sorrow for that person and you
  • Having no healthcare proxy or living will can destroy families
  • Hospitals and attorneys often don’t speak the same language
  • Taking control of your care with the healthcare proxy, living will and a discussion about your health and care wishes gives you and those you love peace of mind

NOW, YOUR Care Control Partners, with a tool called Honor My Decisions, is able to do all of these things in a way that is automated and clear so that YOUR wishes are known by all those who need to be informed, including your healthcare proxy, your doctor, your lawyer, and your Power of Attorney (POA). The information can be incorporated into your patient portal and you will get a wallet card with a QR code that links to these documents. We can do this for our clients throughout the US. If you are ever incapacitated in a hospital or emergency room, the card can be scanned, providing access to all the relevant information.

I am very excited to offer this as I know how beneficial it is! Who is this for? Everyone 18 and up! If you are a patient or a professional who works with patients, this is important (hint: that covers all of us). Check out the last month’s webinar on this topic.

There is no better time than now to take control of your care with YOUR Care Control Partners! Call or email to find out more information and how you can get control.

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