When an older adult is hospitalized for more than three days, the hospital may recommend that they receive short-term rehabilitation (physical, occupational, speech) in a skilled nursing facility.  Here are five tips for a safe discharge:

  1. Be able to describe the patient’s baseline condition (i.e. how he or she was able to move around and their state of mind before the hospitalization); returning to that baseline, or being able to function even better should be the goal.
  2. Obtain a list of medications the patient is taking and ask the hospital if all should be continued in the rehab facility and if not, which ones will be discontinued.
  3. Ask if current insurance covers inpatient rehabilitation.
  4. Ask for a list of rehabilitation/skilled nursing facilities and visit each one. While there, be sure to ask questions including whether they will be prepared to provide the patient with all the medications the hospital has prescribed.
  5. Make sure you have a copy of the discharge paperwork that will be going to the skilled nursing facility.

Discharge planning starts upon admission so it is never too soon to be as proactive as possible. I know it’s a lot; if you need help Care Answered is here for you.

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