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As the months go by, restaurants, medical offices, retail stores and more are starting to reopen. With life slowly returning to normal, you may be wondering if it is actually safe to start venturing out.

There are a few questions you may want to ask yourself before heading out. According to the CDC, here are some of the questions you should consider:

  • Is Covid-19 spreading in your community?
  • Will you have close contact with someone who is sick, or someone who chooses not to wear a mask and may be asymptomatic?
  • Are you or someone you live with at increased risk of illness?
  • Are you taking everyday actions to protect yourself from Covid-19 (such as frequent hand-washing, not touching your face, wearing a mask when you do go out, disinfecting high-touch surfaces inside your home)?

These are all questions to think about before possibly exposing yourself or others to the illness.

Don’t get too stressed, though. There are many ways to minimize your risk of contracting Covid-19. The CDC recommends these steps to make your activities safer:

  • First off, the general 6 feet apart rule is always a good idea. Covid-19 spreads easier when you’re within 6 feet of a person, so for now, try to keep some distance between yourself and others.
  • Another rule of thumb is to attend outdoor activities. There is less ventilation when you’re inside, plus it’s not as easy to keep people apart.
  • Lastly, and probably the most important rule: Wear a mask!

The CDC guidelines will help minimize your chances of contracting Covid-19, but if you’re someone who is at a higher risk of getting sick or experiencing serious consequences of illness, the best option is to stay home when possible. Life will fully return to normal at some point, so for now, join the fun via video call when you can, and stay safe. For more information, visit