You are not alone. Care Answered coordinates and navigates the healthcare system for you.

We assist in removing the strenuous obstacles that are commonplace in the healthcare process; bridging the gap between you and the effective care you deserve through the following services and much more:

Researched Referral Services
Assist in selecting appropriate and qualified doctors, hospitals, rehabilitation sites, home health aides, assisted living facilities and more best suited for you.

Suggest and reach out to elder attorneys, veteran agencies and other professionals that can provide a meaningful impact in your particular situation.

Ensure proper transfer of Medical records
Often current or new doctors/facilities don’t have your complete medical records; we will facilitate the transfer and review of medical/pharmeceutical records by new doctors, specialists, hospitals or rehabilitation facilities.
Mediate patient/family healthcare discussions
Access to additional care-giver and Patient support groups
Accompaniment to Doctor visits and hospital bedside advocacy
Accompany you to doctor appointments equipped with important questions and we take take consise notes to create a record for you and/or absent family members. Communicate with hospital team to make sure your voice is heard and keep your loved ones informed.
Provide periodic unannounced check-ins on your healthcare providers (i.e. home health aides, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes etc.) to make sure the care is meeting expectations.
Decipher and streamline medical bills
Help you understand insurance coverage